Iggy Azaela got those FANCY Curves! And that MoricheBody Kit, Order your supply today while it's still on sale for $79.99

By Alexa Cruz

Iggy Azalea turns up the heat with her BOMB body and stupid Curves! She goes Clueless in her new video “Fancy” and turns heads with breathtaking curves. This hottie has got a Moriche Body with dangerous curves that would make even a preacher curse. MERCY...


Check out Iggy Azalea’s ghetto fabulous remake of Clueless (my favorite film of all time!!) in her music video for her brand new song “Fancy”. Although Iggy or no one for that matter will ever quite live up to Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), I have to say I do like this little twist on the classic movie!

Click Here to View The Video!!


We've been telling you ladies to stay on your GRIND; attaining a sexy body like Iggy's and keeping it doesn’t come EASY! So, here's a few tips on Perfecting those FANCY CURVES without all the fuss!!

 TIP #1 WAIST TRAIN!!! Yes, hunty... waist training is absolutely the quickest and most efficient way to define a slimming and more seductive waistline! Finding the perfect trainer is the key tho! Not all waist trainers are made equally!          I much prefer the Brazilian Waist Trainers! 

 TIP #2 DRINK LEMON & WATER DAILY! Lemon is a natural cleanser that detoxifies the body! Whenever you add 2 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice to 16 ounces of water you’ve got a elixir for weight loss and fat blasting!

Tip #3 Take MORICHE PALM FRUIT supplements!! :) The Moriche Palm Diet is great for boosting your shape, although it’s a weight loss product it also contains phyto-estrogen derived from real fruit, which helps, your body produce more estrogen! More estrogen means more female curves right? Yes, of course it does so, I recommend the supplements to anyone who desires BODACIOUS sexy fancy curves like Iggy Azalea! I've tried the Moriche Palm Diet and it works!