By Alexa Cruz

My Beauty Transformation

Dear sisters,

What you see in the before picture is me struggling with obesity for most of my life. Trust me I know exactly how it is to feel unattractive, heavy, hopeless, miserable, and constant bingeing. Throughout my youth I ended up having my 5 beautiful children with the love of my life. However I still felt insecurity and serious depression on the daily; not knowing how to get rid of this weight! 

Finally came to the point where I needed something for my weight ASAP!  So I started browsing online, after awhile something caught my attention real quick and it was the Moriche Palm Diet. After being more informed on there dietary products, I ordered there 2-month kit right away. Thanks to there Moriche Palm Kit Supply I was able to crave less for heavy meals, slim down real fast, while maintaining a well shaped figure!! Look at me! I made a serious commitment before I started and look where it got me now!