The Curvy Diet Meal Plan

By Alexa Cruz

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How to follow the best diet while taking our products, follow these dietary and nutrition tips to help stay in shape with the Moriche Palm Diet. 

The Simple CurvyDiet Meal Plan: 

Every Morning Breakfast:

Have a BERRY SMOOTHIE with protein (soy, whey, or plant protein) added Vanilla Almond or Soy Milk to your smoothie for (taste)!

You may add any kind of berries of your choice such as strawberries, black berries, raspberries, and any other berries of your choice! 

Every Afternoon Lunch: 

Have Soup or Salad (any kind) just be careful with the salad dressing, opt for something healthy like oil and vinegar or lemon and olive oil.

Please pay close attention to the calories in your salad dressings, warning some salad dressings can have up to 1,000 calories per serving size. 

Every Evening Dinner: 

Have (1) protein (1) vegetable, the protein should be (chicken/turkey/fish).