DJ Duffy Loses Weight with Moriche Palm Diet!

By Alexa Cruz

Latosha Duffy is a gorgeous reality star who appeared on the TV show (BasketBall Wives of LA) she is a world famous DJ personality who masters music for artists!

Ms. Duffy recently reported losing nearly 20 pounds of body fat with the Moriche Palm Diet. She took the supplement daily and used the body creme to enhance her curves here's what she had to say about our remarkable diet. 

"I really do love to eat that's actually why I started taking the supplement because it curbs your appetite! I found that I felt fuller for much longer! I just remember after taking a few bits of my food and that I felt super stuffed! With the supplement I lost 20 pounds and 2 inches of my waistline. It gave me a more hourglass shape which I loved! The body creme is applied at night to sculpt the buttocks!! Not only did cream make my butt bigger, but it also softened and toned my skin!" 

-DJ Duffy