Paige focuses on her body while making big moves in Los Angeles~

By Alexa Cruz

Paige the Brat is a trained nail technician from Miami Beach Florida one of the very best in the biz! But she recently pickup her bags, left her home, and moved out to Los Angeles California to pursue her career while being  closer to her best friend Blac Chyna! Now that Paige is out here in LA she's been blossoming making lots of new friends and doing more business~ I guess we can say she's stunting on a few folks! Yep, shes living la vida loca having a blast while also pursuing a possible career in acting! Paige dishes on her exciting business ventures and a number of  business deals! Paige definitely knows how to party but she's been quietly focused here lately planing her future while finding her new path in Hollywood!

Paige has been focused on getting in great shape, she's been dieting with the Moriche Plam Diet! She admitted to us that she loves food and indulges in fried chicken, pasta, and sweets occasionally. Although, she loves foods, being healthy is also important to her. Taking our all natural diet pills while working out and waist-training really helps her keep a balance. Paige shares that her favorite waist-trainer is the "Instacurve" brand she uses both the latex and spandex trainers to snatch her waist. 

We asked Paige what advice would she give to those of you who are wanting to get in shape by summer... here's what she had to say:

" Aaaah, my best advice is to staying determined,  just don't give up! We all know it's not easy! Don't forget to take your diet pills everyday, they really do help alot, especially if you love to eat like me! The diet pills really do curb my appetite and give me pure energy! Do study and educate yourself on living a healthier lifestyle I am a big believer in doing my research - As cliché as it may sound - I really do google everything , ha! Learning new things is important to me especially if it involves my health."