Squats no more! Just MorichePalm!!!

By Mercedes Lopes

I hate it, i really do.... I now regret everything that i did just to get the butt i wanted, i did squats and lot's of butt workouts that just did NOT work for me! I was in so much pain every freaking day from my hips down to my legs! Then I discovered this product called The (Moriche Palm Diet), the new Brazilian diet really did a great job for me to be honest. My booty is perfectly plump now and rounder, you can see that it has a nice curve to the shape! Now, i don't need to make myself kill myself in the gym any longer. Thanks to this the Estro Boost Body Plumping Cream! ♥ 

-Tami Sanchez

Estro-Boost Plumping Creme (SKU#MPN-BC50ML)


The Moriche Palm Herbal Cream is made from natural ingredients that are formulated to help boost your glutes. This magnificent glute boosting creme has all natural butters such as: Shea and Coco Butter along with Palm Oil work together to add more fullness and volume along with firmness to your hips and buttocks. The naturally stimulating ingredients in our body plumping creme helps promote fat tissue production naturally.

Brighten Skin and Smooth Away Unwanted Stretch marks with our Body Plumping Creme! 

Everyone hates stretch marks and dark scars! Imagine brightening the buns, fading away the stretch marks all while plumping and contouring the natural fullness of your hips and buttocks! Our plumping creme will not only enhance a firm and rounded buttocks but will also improve the skin tone and texture!