Wendy Williams serves some tea on Rob Kardashian and Chyna!

By Alexa Cruz

Well, since Rob is surrounded by high powered women with supreme diva like personalities I can only imagine how (small he feels) amid his sisters, mother, and now soon to be baby mama Chyna!

One man with no identity might find it hard to cope! The bitch syndrome can be really scary when your the only man in the pack. I just want to know where is his brother in law Kanye when Rob needs him the most, not saying Rob should take advice from another man - but some kind of tip here in their could definitely help! Yes, I really do feel for Rob, lacks having a father figure in his life so guidance is pretty close to none! A man who cannot defend his manhood can be a pretty scary thing. And a woman who may (not) be properly guided by a man in a healthy relationship can feel deeply anxious and frustrated due to that man's lack of ownership in the relationship.

Here's what Wendy had to Say....

  • Both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have children, but their brother’s spawn is going to be the golden child, Williams decreed.
  • “Rob’s child with Blac will be the only one to pass along the Kardashian name,” she pointed out.
  • Already the mother of one son, King Cairo Stevenson, with Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend Tyga, Chyna’s next baby is going to be the next generation of Kardashians.

Whatever their issues may be; we hope the couple works out their differences! We are hoping for their success as we know how hard it must be for Chyna during her pregnancy and the stress related to being the black sheep of a family where the apples don't fall too far from the tree. Anyhow, just check out Wendy Williams show where she confronts Rob on his relationship with Chyna, Rob, and her mom Toyko (who is the grandma). I guess Rob and Chyna won't be going on the Wendy Show any time soon. 

Watch the full episode .... click the link below to watch the Wendy Williams show: https://youtu.be/7yGoq4uU7iE