Booty Work In Progress!

By Mercedes Lopes

I've been using the MORICHE PALM herbal body plumping cream is all natural. I didn't believe it at first but now I'm convinced! You see for almost 2 months  and I have never had fullness like this, my butt is so much fuller and rounder.

Gee, I'm so happy with the results my boyfriend keeps looking and touching my ass!!! At first, he thought it was really unbelievable like you gotta be kidding me coz look at my butt right now! It looks really sexy and curvy coz i used to hate my butt before that is why I'm freakin happy with the great results that Moriche Palm did to me!

Now my butt is really like in a work in progress coz you know, I really can't wait of how my butt will look for the next months as i would love to continue using this best product, so watch out for my next review here! ♥ 

- Jolenne Sanchez