Liquid Curves Booster Spray (Product #2)

$39.99 $89.99

The Liquid Curves Spray stimulates estrogen and collagen to enhance more volume and fullness to your body curves! to boost fuller and more significant body curves. The formula is easy to use and results are almost instant! Simply spray and go to activates fat tissue production at the hips, bust, and buttocks! You may use our spray to contour your entire body or focus on certain areas where you may desire a fuller shape! 

The active ingredients in our spray works instantly with your body's hormones to add definition to your natural curves. The spray plumps, lifts, and also firms skin! Most importantly results are almost instantly, and the product is safer and more naturally than having surgery, shots, or injections! Combine our spray with our "Juicy Booty Lotion" for more significant results. 

"The Liquid Curves Activator comes in a spray bottle and is really easy to use. Simply spray first then apply the lotion afterwards! It's really that simple and you'll notice results right away!"

- Amoriche 

Ingredients: Sterile Water and Herbal Extracts: Soy, Maca, Moriche Palm, Wild Yam, Hisbiscus Berberine, Cocoa Hemp Seed, Tangerine Oil, South American Flower Extract


Instructions: Use on clean dry skin. Just spray the solution where you desire more fullness! After using the spray make sure apply to the lotion to set it for maximum results! 


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