MorichePalm Butt Enhancement Creme (Product #1)


The Moriche Palm (Bum-Bum Creme) instantly stimulates fat tissues to increase volume and fullness at the hips and buttocks! Try our remarkable bum-bum cream, you will love how it firms the skin while boosting collagen and elasticity to help you achieve a more perkier and lifted butt! Once applied topically our amazing creme goes to work stimulating your hormones to increase the natural growth of your hips and buttocks while eliminating ugly scars, stretch marks, and embarrassing cellulite! 

Simply use our bum-bum creme daily in conjunction with a regular fitness program to sculpt, lift, and contour your natural bodily curves.

While our magnificent bum-bum creme is working hard to enhance the size and shape of your booty it's also working hard to fade away embarrassing dark scars, ugly stretch marks, while eliminating dimples and cellulite!

With the Moriche Palm Cream your result are far more greater than other leading butt and body toning creams! Here's why, our bum-bum cream works in conjunction with our capsules the Moriche Palm Supplement to help your body transfer the more stored body fat at your stomach directly to your hips and buttocks naturally! The result is a flatter tummy and a fuller booty naturally!

Using our body cream consistently every day will help you achieve the desired results you want! Also, combining our body cream with our supplement will help you the perfect curves! 

The Palm Creme benefits are remarkable: 

      • Stimulates the body's own fat tissue production!
      • Enhances a fuller hip/buttock area! 
      • Contours the overall shape of the buttocks! 
      • Adds definition to the curve of the buttocks!
      • Increase the volume of the buttocks! 
      • Helps lift-ups the buttocks! 
      • Eliminates stretch marks and cellulite!
      • Completely safe and all natural!
      • No side-effects or harmful results!
      • Affordable and inexpensive! 

Application/Suggested Use:

Apply our creme at night by massaging gently, our (body plumping) creme releases estrogen to your target areas at the hips, buttocks, and bust which is (optional)! The herbal extracts in our formulas stimulate increased growth factors that add fullness and volume where you desire naturally!

Ingredients: Made with fast acting herbal and palm fruit extract! 


Now women do report back rapid results that boost their the hips and buttocks in just as few as 6 weeks. Now individual results vary from person to person; therefore if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us 24/hours a day at 800-613-1032 so we can make the best recommendations for your needs.


Even Blac Chyna knows the secret to a sexier shape, recently engaged to Robert Kardashian Chyna is not currently using our products but have in the past after giving birth to her first child King! 

It really love this product because it works! My body is forming those natural curves, which I adore! I built this booty in the gym, but not alone, of course it was with the help of (Moriche Palm)! I love my shape and are very proud of my curves! - India Love  


Before                                                   After 

**Individual results may vary. 

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