Juicy Body Lotion w/FREE Liquid-Curves Spray (Product #3)

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Juicy Booty Lotion

The Moriche Palm "Juicy Booty Lotion" is now available in scents: Pineapple Melon or Dulce De Leche. The lotion comes with a FREE bottle of our new Liquid Curves Spray!

The Juicy Booty Lotion is a butt enhancement lotion that moisturizes the skin, while also plumping and contouring your natural body curves! The lotion is a lightweight formula that absorbs and dries quickly! Just spray and go, the lotion plumps instantly to maximize your body curves. 


The NEW Moriche Palm (Juicy Body Lotion) offers two bootylicious scents the fruity pineapple melon or the creamy dulce de leche! 

Made with natural ingredients like soy extract, jojoba oil, and Moriche Palm fruit extract to smooth and tone skin while fading away scars, stretch marks, and bumps!

Just rub it on your butt to activate the formula! Our creamy lotion not only moistures skin but it also plumps and contours the natural curves of your body! 

Suggested Use: You may apply the lotion all over the body or directly onto specific areas you want to enhance! 

**Individual results may vary. 

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